Nikki & Daniel are an average couple with a Sexy Twist

We are Nikki & Daniel.  We are community figures in the open-lifestyle/ethical non-monogamy community, activists, guests and hosts on Playboy TV, and all around goofballs.

When we embarked on this journey of sharing ourselves with the world, we really had no clue how far we would go with it. All we knew was that we were madly in love and wanted to share the Nikki & Daniel type of love with anyone interested.

We were young. The type of young that is energetic and fool-hearted. Despite both of us being the type to over-analyze everything, we felt we could take on the world. So we did. For a deeper look into our history, check out the About Us area of our site.

Now, we are amazed at the adventures we’ve been fortunate enough to take. We truly can not be happier with the experiences we’ve been able to share together. It’s been a wild ride and I don’t think there’s anything else in the world we’d rather be doing.



The Nikki & Daniel Adventures

The Nikki & Daniel adventures start with Playboy TV, but there’s no end in sight to what we hope to experience together. From our newbie beginnings with Swing to hosting Toyride in the blink of an eye, we are having a blast! We’ve traveled all across the U.S. and met some amazing friends along the way. We can’t wait to see where we might end up.

We have no idea what our next journey will be, but we can promise that it will be hand-in-hand with each other and we’ll bring our DirtyLoveGames brand of goofy style to whatever craziness we get into. Whether it’s events, media production, or lifestyle coaching, we are here to make the most of life.