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Follow Us: Social Media

We’re trying to be more active on social media. Pictures, tweets, maybe the occasional live stream to show you what we’re up to. We’ll also be using our reach to let people know about parties we throw or ones we plan to attend. We’re looking forward to seeing you on your favorite platform. Follow us here:

Twitter: @dirtylovegamesx
Instagram: dirtylovegamesx
Facebook: Nikki & Daniel

Here’s a sample of our Instagram feed:

Follow & Tip: The Naughty Places

Sometimes we get a little naughty. We’ve often described ourselves as exhibitionists, and we can’t disagree with that. When we do share ourselves beyond Playboy TV, it usually lands in one of two places.

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Couples & Single Females Connect With Us: Lifestyle Websites

Lifestyle websites are cropping up left and right. Many of which mean well, but there are some that have longstanding history and credibility. Below is a short list of the sites we appreciate and use because of their regional popularity. There are several other sites available that offer solid services and members, however, regional popularity does play a role in the usefulness of the each site. Feel free to connect, follow, friend us on there. Don’t be afraid to message us and let us know how you found us.



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We got our Lifestyle start on the site SDC. It’s one of the most prolific sites available, and has a solid community. SDC provides excellent services (on and offline) to members like us. When we host parties or events, they always have host couples join us to help and represent. It’s designed to facilitate discreet interactions without a lot of distractions.


Find us on Kasidie.com!
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Kasidie has a more socially focused user interface. Walls, Community Interactions, Forums, Blogs… Many areas of interest flow into a newsfeed that models the ideas of Facebook. Kasidie is one of our favorites because it promotes a healthy atmosphere conducive to supporting open-lifestyle couples and individuals


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Quiver is relatively new to the scene, bringing a fresh format that doesn’t have a mold to compare to. While it still has a long way to go to pull users away from the big sites, it’s doing quite well to attract the active couples by hosting and attending many parties.