Our First Time at a Swinger’s Club was Unbelievable!

Our First Time at the Club

Lobby at Colette
Entry lobby at Colette Dallas

This took place a few years back, but the story never fails to get me going. We visit this club a few times a year, and every time I walk through the door this memory rushes back.

Our first experience going to a club was well researched. We chose a night known to be slow. We didn’t want to be overwhelmed and Nikki hates regular clubs. Communicating is always a pain in the ass when you can’t hear over the music. We connected with two other couples on a LS oriented site. We made sure they were aware of each other as to not step on toes or offend. We’ll call them Couple R and Couple X. We did this to avoid trying to meet complete strangers in a new environment.

We got there early to get a feel for the place, and, as our new friends arrived, we allowed them to take us to the areas they were most comfortable. The club has a 2nd floor that tends to be where the more graphic of public sexual encounters happen. This is where we found our couches.


The 2nd Floor

As conversation and drinks allowed, we began a little bit of shuffling conversation partners. The ladies rotated around the 3 couches we had taken occupancy of and us guys would chat, flirt, stroke, and pet as the comfort levels increased. Each rotation of female partner increased the sexual energy of the group and soon the simple touches turned into full on seduction grasps and strokes. The kisses went from flirtatious and light to passion filled make-out sessions. Skirts began hiking up, belts began to loosen. The energy of the group was intensely erotic, and we could tell this was going to be a night of unforgettable memories.

As the heavy petting continued, we could tell that Couple R was pulling back a little. They had informed us earlier that they had obligations the next day that would cut their night short, so as they pulled back on their reigns, we respectfully said our goodnights with passionate, farewell kisses.

Couple X

Latin couple with smooth moves and  hints of accent to let us know there was flavor in their game. He was about 5’10”, 190. Not overly muscular, but he knew he had to put in a little effort because the lifestyle respects it. She was about 5’8″, 140. The perfect skin complex with beautiful DD tits and a muy caliente, spanish booty.

Couple X then became our full on, full blown, full swap targets.  They were able to take the pace as slow as we needed to ensure there were not boundaries broken. They were, also, just pushy enough to get us amped up and craving more. Some oral pleasures began in the same area we started, and this is where the night gets real.

My attention is torn. I’m stealing glances at Nikki ’s ass as she is grinding in the male’s lap with her skirt bunched up over her ass, around her waist. I’m also trying to focus on lapping up the sweet aroma and nectar of Mrs. X’s pussy. I’m purposely edging Mrs. X. I would bring her close to orgasm and then back away. I feel quite certain this will build a mountainous eruption from her later. During this time, she tells me that she is a squirter. I know that these women exist, but I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. It was evident that we needed to make a switch to something a little more focus friendly.


The Club’s Back Rooms

Colette Club Dallas Play Room
Semi-Private Play Room at Colette Dallas

The club offered “spa rooms” consisting of an open room with multiple beds barely separated by sheer curtains. We were the only people in the room and we found beds that suited our needs. The oral that had started upstairs continued by Nikki and the Mrs X going down on me. They licked and sucked all over my rock hard dick and balls. They nibbled, they tongue lashed, they brought my whole ball sack in their mouths and kept me guessing who’s mouth was who’s the whole time.

Soon after that unforgettable experience, Nikki headed over to the bed next to the original with Mr X. I didn’t get to see the immediate happenings, but the sounds of Nikki and Mr X getting along well, and the sloshing of the supremely wet pussy of Mrs X riding my cock was mind-blowing-ly wonderful! I think the situation was having affect on Mrs X too because, from somewhere deep down inside her incredible body there was an eruption of sexual power. A power that released a majestic sound from her mouth and a tidal wave of orgasmic female ejaculate that soaked me from cock to face. My entire stomach, chest, and face were covered in this woman’s orgasm and I couldn’t believe this was real. My mind went into complete overload and my hips bucked through their final thrusts as I came as well.

After Mrs X and I cleaned up a little, we headed over to the adjacent bed where Nikki and Mr X were in the deepest of throws of fucking. Watching the action was mesmerizing as I was able to take in the different views I don’t usually get to see when Nikki is being pleasured. The hip action of Mr X as he pounded away at Nikki’s tight, wet pussy was inspiring and beautiful. The bounce of Nikki’s tits matching each full length thrust from Mr X captivated my mind and I found myself entranced with the situation all over again. The best part was the orgasms. Knowing that my love’s pussy had crippled this man’s prowess boosted my ego. Watching this man’s cock please my lady made me so happy to have found a woman that is so beautiful in every expression.

After basking in the afterglow, we found ourselves naturally looking to exit and reconnect back in our own bed at home.

After Glow

And that was our first experience in a swingers club.


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