#MKMNYE2018: NYE Hotel Takeover & Lifestyle Event

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Nikki and IĀ (Daniel) are embarking on our 2nd large scale event, #MKMNYE2018, and I wanted to blog a little bit about it before we get too deep into. I am curious to see how I feel in a few months compared to now.

Our First Party

Our first New Year’s Eve party went REALLY well. We managed to bring in roughly 720 attendees from all across the U.S. and had an absolute blast. Sure there were hiccups, but we did really well to overcome what we could and take notes on what we would do better next time.Last Year's Look

It was, really, a proving grounds. The hotel had never done business with us and didn’t know what we were capable of. To be fair, we didn’t really know either, but we knew we had something. We started with the Couture Ballroom, which ended up being just the right size, even if it was a little cramped at times. It encouraged people to get out on the dance floor and get friendly with each other.

We learned that we absolutely need to have hard-wired sales machines in the event space. For the EWSNYE2017 party, we opted to use drink tickets in order to speed up the flow of the bar line. There was a single point of sale for those tickets. The machine the hotel used to sell drink tickets operated over wifi and took forever. Our single biggest complaint was this process being super slow, but overall we didn’t have too many complaints.

As far as entertainment goes, we had some LaBare guys show up and do a performance. We also had a bit of a shock performance artist that did a heavy metal-esque burlesque performance. Both performances were definitely captivating, but unfortunately only a small portion of the audience could see due to the lack of an elevated stage/platform. We’ll be working on that this year for sure.


This year we are working on making the party as comfortable as possible. We’ll have many learning experiences from last year guiding our points of excellence this year. I’m super pumped about it! Being a COMPLETE HOTEL TAKEOVER means we won’t have to worry about any otherĀ parties taking place in the same hotel. Our guests won’t have to worry about lookey-loos, lurkers, or random hotel guests wandering into our party.

We’ll have two different music options by having a party in the Couture Ballroom AND The Atrium, which is the main room of the hotel. We’re aiming for a throwback vibe in the Couture Ballroom. The Atrium will be playing some sexy house music to get bodies close together and booties shaking.

Playboy TV Life

We are going to try to bring some of the toy manufacturers that we toured on our show, Toyride, to the event. We’re still working on coordinating with them, but this is definitely an area we want to connect between our Playboy TV life and our Lifestyle Events.

If you’re interested in joining the party and would like more details, check out MKMNYE2018.com for everything you need. Or, if you just want to skip right to grabbing your tickets, go to Eventbrite now to make sure you get them early.

Even though we look like we’ve got it all figured out, we’re still open to ideas from friends. If you have been to a hotel takeover before, feel free to share what made the event great and how we can bring that to #MKMNYE2018. events@dirtylovegames.com


We’re still looking for sponsors for our party as well, so if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor we’d love to have you. Just send an email to events@dirtylovegames.com for sponsor information. Speaking of sponsors, we already have 3 returning from last year. SDC, the world’s largest swinging lifestyle dating site, will be joining us again. We’ll also have Darkroom Photography providing an incredible boudoir package giveaway for our balloon drop. Bedroom Kandi will also be set up again with sexy, intimate products for the bedroom.

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