Orgies Not Guaranteed

(Originally published by Daniel on an old blog 1/10/2016)

Orgies are Elusive

Empty, two bedroom hotel room imageSometimes you attend parties that you spend months remembering. Reminiscing over every detail; every touch of everyone. Questioning what you did right for your life to come to that perfect moment. Replaying your favorite interactions that reaffirm why you and your spouse got into this. Orgies and swaps that seem too surreal to have actually happened. Those perfect nights.

And then there are parties that have all of that potential, but, no matter how many strokes of the striker, we can’t get a spark to ignite the sexy fuel we have in the room. Parties where your hopes are high up until that very last moment, at 5 am, when you are forced to admit defeat.

Last night was one of the latter. We had a hotel room full of sexy people in many stages of undress. Nikki & I were both naked. We had alcohol and, for those into the greener intoxicants, some of that too. We had trickled into the room from the swingers club next door. The sexy hum of the music still in our ears and the sexual tension clinging to us like static electricity. We were ready to go, except the group just couldn’t take off.


The group had planned to be in the room by 2-2:30, but Nikki and I were sneaky and headed over at about 1:45 to “warm the room up”. 

We definitely warmed the place up, aaaaand kept it warm until the first four people of our group showed up at 2:45. There wasn’t an immediate transition into any kind of swap, so Nikki and I eventually just stopped and laid in chill mode. The next group didn’t walk in until almost 3. Then the rest trickled in by about 3:30. We had nine couples and two unicorns, which was a full room for sure. Plenty of opportunity.

All in all, the mix of people was great. The personalities were awesome. There wasn’t anything getting in the way of a great time except for maybe the planets not being in proper alignment or some kind of invisible wall between our group and what our group had imagined happening.

Just in case you were wondering if all parties are successful, raging orgies… Sometimes, no.


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