Our Adventures with Playboy TV

Our adventures with Playboy started in October of 2011. We, of course, created profiles on all of the swinger sites. Daniel was borderline obsessed with exploring every profile and stalking every profile that explored ours. A profile titled “swingcast” checked us out and he was intrigued. He sent the profile a message asking what they were casting for. They said it was for the second season of an already successful show on Playboy TV called Swing. They wanted us to watch a free episode and let them know if we were interested.

From Daniel’s perspective the situation went a little like this:

  • I watched and was certainly interested.
  • When Nikki got to my place, I said “I have two words for you: Playboy Television.”
  • Nikki was so confused because she didn’t think adding the channel to my cable package was worth all of the excitement.
  • I explained that Playboy TV was interested in having us on their show.
  • We watched the show together. We discussed everything! From the dynamics of people on the show to what it would mean for exposure. Work, family, future children, we talked about all of it. We talked for days about it and then we had a Skype interview with the casting director.

By February of 2012, we were in Los Angeles, CA shooting our newbie episode that would air that summer. Since that episode, we’ve done 10 additional Swing episodes with a couple appearances on related shows like Swing Nightcap.

Swing Logo


Swing was a provocative new series for Playboy TV that was set on breaking the mold of traditional relationships. Each episode offered a “newbie” couple the opportunity to stay in a house full of veteran swingers for one night. The newbies would have their chance at a sex-filled, red room if they found their comfort zones appropriately adjusted by the veteran swingers. (List of the Episodes we were on HERE, and Full History List HERE)


Toyride Logo


When Swing ended in 2015, we assumed our television fun had come to an end. However, sometime during mid-2016 Wendy Miller, the Vice President of Programming and Production for Playboy TV, reached out and asked us if we would be interested in hosting our own show.

Wendy is the genius behind the show Swing, and the TV for 2 lineup aimed at creating content for couples to enjoy together. Not only did we have a HUGE respect for who Wendy is and the standards she has insisted Swing live up to, but we also had an absurd amount of  gratitude for the showing us what mattered in terms of portraying real people, real swingers, in a positive light.

There was no hesitation whatsoever. We didn’t even really know what the show was about when we said yes. We eventually learned the premise and details of our own show. Toyride is currently airing on Playboy TV.