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About the Community

If you’ve gotten this far, we’re excited for you. It means you’re interested in joining a secret community of open-minded, open-lifestyle people. What you will find when you join is that people in our community value connecting with other, real people. We do that by using Facebook.

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HEY! CALM DOWN! Don’t worry… If you feel anxiety about exposing all of your personal information to swingers, consider the fact that they are doing the same with you. But, really, everyone has the opportunity to┬ánot expose all of it.

How to Join

If you’re still interested in meeting other like minded people, you need to complete the following two steps.

  • Donate $25 through Paypal (One time admission donation to support event organization and future merchandise)
  • Please fill out the form below.

These steps will ensure that you get into the group.

Thank you for submitting your info. Please allow a little bit of time for us to get back with you. This is, largely, a volunteer effort so give us a chance to take care of real life then we’ll get back with you as soon as we can. Until then, feel free to check out the rest of the website.

Cheers, Nikki & Daniel.